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Фотографии Норвегии


Издания на английском языке

Книги по истории Норвегии

Andenæs, J., Riste, О., Skodvin, М., Norway and the Second World War (Oslo 1965 and later editions). A brief popular survey.

Bergh, Т., Hanisch T.J., Pharo, H.Ø., Growth and Development: The Norwegian Experience 1830—1980 (Oslo 1981).

Danielsen, Rolf, and others, Norway: A History from the Vikings to Our Own Times (Oslo 1995). The most up to date version, albeit with little attention to foreign relations.

Derry, Thomas Kingston, A History of Scandinavia (London 1979). Somewhat outdated, but still useful as an outside observer's views.

Derry, Thomas Kingston, A History of Modern Norway 1814—1972 (Oxford 1973).

Hauge, Jens Christian, The Liberation of Norway (Oslo 1995). An account by the leader of the Norwegian Military Resistance.

Popperwell, Ronald G., Norway in the series Nations of the Modern World (London 1972). Covers mainly, according the introduction, «Norwegian history, life, and culture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries».

Riste, О., Nøkleby, В., Norway in World War II: The Resistance Movement (Oslo 1972 and later editions).

Книги no истории внешней политики Норвегии

Archer, С. And Sogner, L, Norway, European Integration and Atlantic Security (Oslo and London 1998).

Berdal, Mats R., The United States, Norway and the Cold War 1954—1960 (London 1997).

Cole, Wayne S., Norway and the United States 1905—1955 (Ames, Iowa 1989).

Egeland, Jan, Impotent Superpower — Potent Small State: Potentials and Limitations of Human Rights Objectives in the Foreign Policies of the United States and Norway (Oslo 1985).

Holst, Johan J. (ed.) Norwegian Security Policy for the 1980s (Oslo 1985).

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Riste, Olav, The Neutral Ally: Norway's Relations with Belligerent Powers in the First World War (Oslo and London 1965).

Riste, Olav, The Norwegian Intelligence Service 1945—1970 (London 1999).

Salmon, Patrick, Scandinavia and the Great Powers 1890—1940 (Cambridge 1997).

Sawyer, Peter H., Kings and Vikings. Scandinavia and Europe AD 700—1100 (London 1982 and later editions).

Tamnes, Rolf, The United States and the Cold War in the High North (Oslo 1991).

Udgaard, Nils M., Great Power Politics and Norwegian Foreign Policy: A Study of Norway's Foreign Relations November 1940—February 1948 (Oslo 1973).

Ørvird, Nils, The Decline of Neutrality 1914—1941 (London 1971).

Издания на норвежском языке по истории внешней политики Норвегии

The central reference work here is the series Norsk Utenrikspolitikks Historie, with the following volumes (all with extensive bibliographies):

Vol. 1: Bjørgo, N., Rian, Ø., Kaartvedt, A., Selvstendighet og Union. Fra Middelalderen til 1905 (Oslo 1995).

Vol. 2: Berg, Roald, N orge på Egen Hand. 1905—1920 (Oslo 1995).

Vol. 3: Fure, Odd-Bjørn, Mellomkrigstid. 1920—1940 (Oslo 1995).

Vol. 4: Sverdrup, Jakob, Inn i Storpolitikken. 1940—1949 (Oslo 1996).

Vol. 5: Eriksen, K.E., Pharo, H.Ø., Kald Krig og Internasjonalisering. 1949—1965 (Oslo 1997).

Vol. 6: Tamnes, Rolf, Oljealder. 1965—1995 (Oslo 1997).

Holtsmark, Sven G. (ed.), Norge og Sovjetunionen 1917—1955. En utenrikspolitisk dokumentasjon (Oslo 1997). An extensively annotated collection of documents.

Knutsen, T.L., Sørbø, G., Gjerdåker, S. (ed.s), Norges Utenrikspolitikk (Oslo 1997). An uneven collection of thematic studies on specific aspects of Norwegian foreign policy.

Mathisen, Trygve, Svalbard i internasional politikk 1871—1925 (Oslo 1951).

Skodvin, Magne, Norden ellev NATO? (Oslo 1971).

Skogrand, K. and Tampes, K. Fryktens likevert (Oslo 2001). An excellent study of Norway's «atomic policy».

Ørvik, Nils, Sikkerhetspolitikken 1920—1939 (I—II, Olso 1960—61).

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